Deer Park Early Learning and Kindergarten Philosophy

The desire to belong, be accepted and contribute to their world is at the heart of children's behaviour. These principles underpin our educational philosophy.

Positive behaviour guidance

Children respond best to positive guidance and encouragement towards acceptable behaviour. Our educators help each child understand and express their feelings and opinions and take responsibility for their actions.

Valuing children's voices

Every child is different, with a unique personality shaped by their experiences, family unit and community/culture. We value each child's voice and perspective. We listen to them and encourage them to make decisions about their learning.

Positive reinforcement

We recognise children's efforts rather than only the finished product. This helps children feel good about themselves and eager to embrace new learning opportunities. We encourage children to contribute and share responsibility for age-appropriate tasks. This gives children a sense of importance and a feeling of belonging to their early learning community.

Trusted, collaborative partnerships

We value every child and family and our fellow educators, treating them with respect and understanding and building positive partnerships. This helps strengthen the bridge between home and our early learning environment. We regularly share and exchange information with parents on our programs and practices. In doing so, we recognise that each educator and family has a unique philosophy on education and child-rearing that must be listened to and respected. This collaborative, open and flexible approach helps children feel safe and secure in their learning environment, enabling them to learn to their full potential.

Deer Park Early Learning and Kindergarten believes that it is our responsibility to do all we can to assist children in developing to the best of their potential. We can advise parents and supply them with information about our programs and practices. We believe it is important to use reflective practice in all aspects of our work.